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Smart Mobility and Data Science Analytics

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Data is central to our future and technological advancement. As we continue to urbanize and gather more data about our mobility patterns and urban systems, the challenge is not simply the amount of data, but how we manage it, critically understand its quality, and utilize findings to address our cities’ most pressing challenges.

Today, there is an expanding need to forge a new generation of data scientists, capable of exploring our ever-increasing urban data and extracting meaningful insights. Such work is critical to supporting cities’ strategic decisions and pushing us towards a more sustainable future, centred on efficient resource use, a clean environment, equitable citizen engagement, and a healthy, low-carbon society.

The Smart Mobility Data Science and Analytics programme is designed in an interdisciplinary fashion and emphasizes new and emerging transportation technologies and services for citizens, goods, and logistics. Furthermore, as an EIT Urban Mobility Master School programme, it integrates entrepreneurship & innovation throughout the coursework and was launched to train future élite data scientists in urban mobility and innovation.

For general information about the study track in Smart Mobility and Data Science Analytics, refer to the Master School website.

First year at Politecnico di Milano

Master Degree: Mobility Engineering

Major: Smart Mobility and Data Science Analytics

Minor: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Local coordinator: prof. Michela Longo

First SemesterECTSSecond Semester
Technical Major - mandatory courses (28 ECTS)
Data Science and Security for Mobility4
4Urban Planning, transport and economics
5Network analisys for mobility and transportation
5Dynamic analysis of transport systems
10Dynamics, control and diagnostics of ground transportation systems
Technical Major - elective courses (10 ECTS - make 1 choice)
Electric systems for mobility10
10Safety in mobility and risk-informed design
I&E Minor - mandatory courses (22 ECTS)
Design strategy and economics of innovation10
I&E Challenge Project I: Data Science for Mobility
The Data Science pipeline
6I&E Challenge Project II: Urban Planning and transport systems
Designing intelligent transportation systems

Second year at the Exit University

After the first year at Politecnico di Milano, our EIT Urban Mobility students can continue the second year at UPC Barcelona (Spain), at University of Tartu (Estonia), at TU Eindhoven (The Netherlands) or at Ghent University (Belgium), where they take the remaining 60 ECTS (including 30 ECTS for the Master Thesis). For any detail about the second-year programme offered by the partner university, please see their dedicated website.