EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility

Politecnico di Milano


Welcome to our double degree master’s programme in cooperation with European universities, industry, and cities. Not only it will give you the education urgently needed by industry and cities, but also a valuable network and a truly international experience.
Study in two different cities at two leading universities and receive two officially recognised Master of Science degrees, one from Politecnico di Milano (in Mobility Engineering) and one from the other University attended for the second year.

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Application Periods for 2023/24

Period 1: 15 Nov 2022 – 1 Feb 2023 (17:00 CEST)


Period 2: 15 Feb – 14 Apr 2023 (17:00 CEST)
Info webinar
December 13, 16:00 CET
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Double degree from top technical universities

Students attend the first year at Polimi and the second year at another university in Europe to receive a double master’s degree

Education, Research and Business Integration

As part of the curriculum, an internship will provide valuable work experience in dialogue with business partners, research institutes and municipalities

Summer School

Students will take part in an intensive summer school across two European cities, focused on critical city-based challenges to accelerate innovation in urban mobility


To attract the best talent globally, EIT Urban Mobility offers a generous scholarship programme and tuition fee waivers for EU and non-EU citizens

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EIT Urban Mobility Master School

at Politecnico di Milano

World’s cities are undergoing a massive transformation in how they function, how people and goods move, and how the city and its services are designed and managed to support such changes. This transformation is being driven by new technologies, by new industrial actors, and by new priorities to our sustainability goals.

To adapt to and to guide this transformation, the mobility sector needs a new generation of graduates:

  • who can spur and manage innovation
  • who can excel and collaborate across the many disciplines within urban mobility
  • who have the technical skills and entrepreneurial know-how to maximise future solutions for mobility services and technologies

Studying at Politecnico di Milano, you have the opportunity to engage in project-based challenges and benefit from a dynamic ecosystem of companies, business players and organisations at the forefront of innovation in the mobility sector.

A new era for innovative transport systems is coming. Face the new challenges of mobility with a European vision!

Francesco Braghin
Full Professor
Politecnico di Milano

Intelligent transportation systems… The revolution is underway. Contribute and make innovation happen!

Michela Longo
Local Coordinator
Politecnico di Milano